My name is Rebecca C. Jones, and I am the author of 18 books for kids. The “C” in my name stands for Castaldi, and this picture shows what I looked like when I was in the fifth grade at West Wayne Elementary School in Warsaw, Indiana, and my name was Becky Castaldi. The picture down below shows what I look like today.

In the fifth grade, I knew two things for sure: I hated school, and I wanted to be a clown in the Shrine Circus.

I never made it to the circus. Instead, I became a writer. I’ve written for newspapers, magazines, and even TV stations. I’ve also written reports for educators and books for kids.

Some of my books have been fiction, based on things that happened to me or to someone I know. But my most recent books–and all of my newspaper and magazine articles–have been nonfiction, about things that really did happen.  I especially like learning and writing about real people who did interesting things a long time ago.

Maybe you like to write, too. If you do, why don’t you send me an email?  I promise I’ll write back!